Sterilizer - Oven

G11320SD - G11420SD - G11520SD - G11540SD - G11560SD

Sterilizers are fundamental laboratory devices, and they sterilize all items that can be sterilized with dry air in the
hospital and polyclinic settings.

They can be used in multipurpose heating and drying procedures in quality control laboratories in food, chemical, plastics, electric-electronic and similar industries. The device has a control system with a PID microprocessor that can be programmed for sensitive heating procedures and the device can operate in an ambience temperature ranging between +5°C and 250°C. (The constant use of sterilizers at a maximum temperature of 250°C is not recommended.)

The internal and external surfaces of the devices can be preferred as aluminum or stainless steel depending on the purposes of use. With the turbo blow fan option in drying procedures and the discharge of the humidity in the device resulting from the sample, sensitive drying procedures can be performed.

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