Drying Oven

G11600S - A11680F - A116115 - A116100F

Oven, one of the fundamental laboratory equipments, is used for drying, dehumidification and baking operations in textile, construction, food, chemistry, health laboratories and facilities.

In multi purpose drying operations,temperature control system set ambient temperature +5°C-300°C provides a homogenous temperature distribution by the help of air circulation provided inside the oven.

All control and operational elements are placed on a panel.

On the control panel; a microprocessor,heating light,error warning light,and program end warning light,on/off switch and safety thermostat are placed.

Operating system has a microprocessor based digital controller (PID thermostat) and LED indicator.

Temperature and time values are set digitally through touch sense keys.

The thermometer, displaying temperature of usable volume, has a numeric indicator which’s sensibility is 0.1°C.

The time required for reaching to the maximum temperature is 1 hour for the equipment.

The equipment can be operated at a temperature set value programmed independent of time, if desired.

The values programmed during operation are permanent.

They can be recalled and monitored by the user when the equipment is restarted, if desired.

The heaters located out of the inner volume provide a homogenous temperature distribution.

By the help of air circulation provided, humid air inside the oven is expelled through the adjustable air vent, and therefore more efficient drying of the sample is achieved.

The equipment has perforated trays which do not prevent air circulation.

Air ventilation within the equipment can be provided through the air outlet duct in 100mm diameter.

The equipment is user friendly with its self feet structure having four-contact legs with wheels and braking mechanism.

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