Heating Mantle

N11712 - N11715 - N11711B - N11712B - N11714B - N11716B

These equipments are used for heating the liquid in the flasks in different volumes in the research and quality control laboratories of chemical, food, pharmaceutical, textile and similar industries.

Chromium nickel resistance of the equipment has a soft and flexible mesh structure braided with a special technique by passing them through the fiberglass mat.   

The temperature of the equipment is set up to maximum 400°C by use of an analog thermostat.

The temperature probe of the thermostat is fitted in the heating slot in order to achieve maximum temperature sensitivity. At the back of the equipment, a holding rod is available for supporting the flasks which are being heated.

Optionally it is convenient to the soxhlet extraction process and with clevenger mechanism.

Our equipments used over the laboratory bench are user friendly.

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