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Incubator, one of the fundamental laboratory equipments, is offered by our company in three alternative volumes (55 l, 100 l and 120 l).The operation temperature limits can be adjusted between +5°C and 80°C, and it is used in medicine, pharmaceutical and food industries for bacteriological studies for incubation purposes.

Operating system has a microprocessor based digital controller (PID thermostat) and LED indicator.

The electronic thermometer, displaying temperature of usable volume, has a numeric indicator which’s sensibility is 0.1°C.

The temperature difference between the temperature values measured between various points within the usable volume is ±0,5°C'dir.

They can be recalled and monitored by the user when the equipment is restarted, if desired.

The heaters located out of the inner volume provide a homogenous temperature distribution.

Air ventilation within the equipment can be provided through the air outlet duct and damper which has 8 positions.

It has a glass door for monitoring inside the equipment and a metal door for protecting that glass door. 

Insulation of the metal door of the equipment is provided through silicon bolt while insulation of the glass door is provided by magnetic bolt.

The equipment is user friendly its adjustable four-contact legs which can be located on the laboratory bench.

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