Orbital Shaking Incubator

H100SH - H200SH

Orbital shaking incubator is manufactured in two models as with cooling and without cooling. It is used in biology, zoology and agriculture fields for freezing, incubation, drying and long-term stocking operations and in quality control laboratories of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries for homogenous stirring of the liquids in glass flasks in various volumes. Conical flasks, flasks and similar containers are attached to the shaking tray by special clips, and then shaking of the liquids in these containers is provided by circular motions.

All control and operational elements are placed on a panel.Temperature, cooling and time values are set through the touch LCD screen. In refrigerated models, a glass door for monitoring inside the equipment and a metal door for protecting that glass door are provided. Insulation of the metal door of the equipment is obtained through silicon bolt while insulation of the glass door is obtained by magnetic bolt. In models without refrigeration, by use of the heat resistant sight glass, the inside of the equipment can be observed without causing any heat loss.  Insulation of the metal door is obtained through silicon bolt.

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