Shaking Water Bath

H11900 - H11960

Shaking water bath, which is among the fundamental equipments in a laboratory, is used in studies such as tissue culture, bacterial incubation, etc.
The operation temperature limits can be adjusted between  5°C-100°C, and it enables to shake the samples in conical flasks, flasks and tubes having different volumes at these temperatures.
Flask holder, clip-on shelf or tube holders for glass tubes can be placed optionally inside the shaking basket in the usable volume.
By the help of the digital thermostat, a homogenous temperature distribution is obtained.
The speed of the equipment at shaking condition can be adjusted to the range of 10-250 rpm by virtue of the electronic speed controller. 
The inner surface, which is in contact with liquid and vapor, clip-on shelf, heating elements, outer surface and top cover is made of stainless steel.
Operating system has a microprocessor based digital controller (PID thermostat) and LED indicator. Temperature and time values are set digitally through touch sense keys. The equipment can be operated at a temperature set value programmed independent of time. The thermometer, displaying temperature of usable volume, has a numeric indicator which’s sensibility is 0.1°C.
It has an alarm function in case of errors and showing the timer is ended. Luminous alarm indicating heating is on has a warning light.
Heating elements provide homogenous heating from three sides of the bath having anti corrosive properties.
Our equipment having four-contact adjustable legs which can be located on the laboratory bench is user friendly. 

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