Water Bath

J11100B - J11330KD - J11540KD

Water baths, which are among the fundamental equipments in a laboratory, are offered in three alternative volumes (8 l, 12 l and 30 l) by our company.  The operation temperature limits can be adjusted between  5°C-100°C, and by virtue of these temperature values different purpose experiments can be conducted on samples.

By the help of the digital thermostat, a homogenous temperature distribution is obtained. 

The inner surface, which is in contact with liquid and vapor, perforated plate, heating elements, outer surface and cover is made of stainless steel.

Operating system has a microprocessor based digital controller (PID thermostat) and LED indicator. Temperature and time values are set digitally through touch sense keys. The equipment can be operated at a temperature set value programmed independent of time. The thermometer, displaying temperature of usable volume, has a numeric indicator which’s sensibility is 0.1°C.

It has an alarm function in case of errors and showing the timer is ended.

Optionally attachment clips provided for conical flasks in various volumes and supports for tubes in the inner vessel enable performance of the different purpose experiments.

Heating elements provide homogenous heating from three sides of the bath with anti corrosive properties.

Our equipment having four-contact adjustable legs which can be located on the laboratory bench is user friendly.  

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