Water Distillation Equipment

M11350D - M11400

Distilled water, fundamental need of laboratories is obtained rapidly, in high quality and in a cost effective way.
The equipment is consisted of two separate sections; first section is used for boiling and the second section is the water distillation vessel. 
Water in the evaporator is boiled and vaporized, and then condensed in serpentines cooled by cooling water, by this way pure water is obtained.
The hot water in serpentines is again transmitted to the evaporator for preventing water loss in the main vessel besides providing a shorter water heating times, which in turn provides energy saving.  The equipment is able to produce 4 liters of pure water.
As all the surfaces in contact with water and vapor are made of stainless steel, this prevents existence of unwanted chemicals in the pure besides prolonging the useful life of the equipment.
The equipment has a design which prevents transmission of even the tiniest droplets from evaporator to condenser and vice versa.
The operation system of the equipment is designed by taking into account the city water supply connections; in case of water cut-offs, calcification of the boiler, low water levels and over heating, the resistances are deactivated automatically via electronic safety float. Electronic safety float has a warning light. 
The quality of the distilled water complies with international standards.
Easy to use, occupies a small space.
For the removal of the carbon dioxide gas accumulated, there is an outlet at the top of the condenser.
It has a water trompe for providing the same water level within the boiler.
The equipment which can be located on the laboratory bench is user friendly; as an option, it can also be mounted on the wall. 

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