Magnetic Stirrer

N11150M - N11151M

Magnetic stirrer, one of the fundamental laboratory equipments, is offered in two alternatives by our company such as with a heater and without a heater. It stirs laboratory chemicals and liquids in glass containers by the help of magnetic field effect. Stirring speed can be adjusted between 0 - 1600 rpm by use of an electronic dimmer.It also heats liquids due to heating effect. Temperature of the heating plate can be adjusted up to maximum 400°C by an electronic analog thermostat or digital thermostat. To use the equipment only in stirring mode or only heating mode is possible or stirring and heating operations can be conducted together.Temperature and speed adjustment can be controlled independently.A contact thermometer can be mounted as an option. It is protected against extreme temperatures.Our equipment having four-contact adjustable legs which can be located on the laboratory bench is user friendly.

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